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2012 Corvallis Contra Weekend

February 17, 18, 19

Two contra bands, Two contra callers

Corvallis, Oregon

The Talent


Perpetual e-Motion (Maine)
Perpetual e-Motion is highly regarded throughout New England for their ability to provide driving, pulsating music for contra dancers. Consisting of Ed Howe on electric violin and John Coté on electric guitar, didgeridoo and foot percussion, the duo draws from Celtic, bluegrass, jazz and electronic influences. This two-man orchestra uses electronic sound sculpting and multitasking to enhance traditional dance tunes, producing a unique sound containing layers of complex poly-rhythms, melody and counter melody.
Wild Hair (Portland OR)
Wild Hair, based in Portland, Oregon, renders folks giddy with addictively danceable fiddle tunes and songs from Ireland, New England, Appalachia, French Canada and points beyond. Swingy fiddler Betsy Branch, versatile Todd Silverstein (pennywhistle, alto sax, bouzouki), percussive guitarist Jeff Kerssen-Griep and syncopaciously skilled pianist Mark Douglass sync up a propulsive ensemble sound that's bigger than the sum of its parts - a loose-limbed groove that's spontaneous, harmonious, welcoming, tight, feisty, and fun, played with contagious good humor aimed at your feet.


Seth Tepfer (Atlanta)
Seth Tepfer is "Atlanta's Dance Magician," calling dances like you've never seen before. Known for his infectious energy, his short walkthroughs, and his 'hash-contras', Seth's warm enthusiasm and great sense of humor and adventure are contagious, and get everyone moving, smiling, and having a great time.
Jeremy Korr (California / Massachusetts)
Jeremy Korr is a popular bicoastal caller, based in Southern California most of the year and in Eastern Massachusetts during the summer. A second-generation dancer, Jeremy has been dancing his whole life, and has been calling contras and squares around the country since 2003. Jeremy is acclaimed for his fun dances, efficient walkthroughs, precise calling, and community spirit.


Alan Roberts (Seattle, WA)
Alan is a fiddle player (plays with Southwest Passage) and dancer in addition to being an excellent sound man. He is aware of the nuances that make us all happy, and is able to provide a great experience for the callers, band members and dancers.

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