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2017 Corvallis Contra Weekend

February 17, 18, 19

Two contra bands, Two contra callers

Corvallis, Oregon

The Talent


The Mean Lids (Urbana)

Only as mean as they need to be to keep the grit in their tones and the edge on their tunes, they are never seen without their signature cranial apparel. Spot them by their hats, their long lonesome sounds, and the @$$ kicking "chin-cello" grooves emanating from their mean, mean fiddle fingers. They are…

On Fiddle: Ben Smith
On Flute: Miriam Larsonn
On Guitar & Fiddle: Matt Turino

The Quarks (Portland)
Named for the high-energy components of a particle, this band is all about creativity, improvisation and cross-cultural connections. They are…
Betsy Branch – fiddle, guitar;
Bill Tomczak – clarinet, saxophone, percussion;
Terry Wergeland – piano, accordion


Gaye Fifer (Pittsburgh)
Gaye Fifer has been calling at dance weekends for many years. Her pleasant style and graceful teaching put dancers at ease and set the stage for a great dance experience. She travels whenever she gets the opportunity.
Wendy Graham (Durango)
Wendy Graham is a self-described "dance maniac" who serves up delicious and nutritious dances for all with infectious enthusiasm and a smile. Wendy hosts regular folk and social dances in Durango, Colorado. She also calls community dances, dance weekends, and dance weeks throughout the U.S. and abroad.


Alan Roberts (Seattle, WA)
Alan is a fiddle player (plays with Southwest Passage) and dancer in addition to being an excellent sound man. He is aware of the nuances that make us all happy, and is able to provide a great experience for the callers, band members and dancers.

Flier: This is the 2017 Flier... If we have one on file; otherwise, it is a dead link.