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Corvallis Contra Weekend Talent for 2007


Moving Violations ('07) (Greenfield, MA)
The Moving Violations have a playful, lawless energy that transcends borders of countries and encourages spontaneity and improvisation. Original compositions, Celtic, Eastern European, New England Traditional, Scandinavian, Klezmer, and Classical are all fair game at a Moving Violations contra dance. While these combinations make unusual bedfellows, the band can show you how even a Balkan “Kolo” can work well for a contra dance. Although obviously not attached to tradition, the band never loses sight that this is dance music. (Van Kaynor, fiddle; Ron Grosslein, fiddle and mandolin; Becky Ashenden, piano, accordian, feet; Chuck Corman, bass, guitar, percussion)
Joyride (Portland, OR)

Joyride is a Portland Oregon contra dance band known for fun, skilled play, tune sets carefully tailored to dances, and well-phrased melodies and harmonies set in a danceable groove. George Penk’s rich, compelling fiddle, Erik Weberg’s deft flute, harmonica and bombarde, Sue Songer’s heartbeat piano and Jeff Kerssen-Griep’s vital guitar and percussion provide modern and traditional tunes for dances, weekends and festivals throughout the year.
This band loves creating a great experience for everyone, every time. Come catch a lift with Joyride!

Here are some Youtube links to video of Joyride playing at Balance the Bay dance weekend in July, 2012.  Video shot by David Pokorney:


Carol Ormand (Madison, WI)
Madison, Wisconsin caller Carol Ormand is beloved throughout the dance community for her smooth and unflappable style, wickedly fun dances, and penchant for keeping all the dancers on the floor smiling. Carol’s enthusiasm, paired with her efficient and effective teaching, creates a delightful dancing and learning experience.
Lynn Ackerson (San Francisco, CA)
The only thing larger than Lynn’s amazing assortment of colorful, patterned socks is her huge collection of great contras and exciting squares. She is known to dancers all over northern California (as well as many places on the east coast) for her calm, clear, and concise walk-throughs and calling.


Wayne Leeds (Eugene, OR)
Wayne dances, and so knows what dancers need to hear! He works closely with each musician to ensure they have what they need to sound their best.