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Corvallis Contra Weekend Talent for 2016


Great Bear Trio (Fulton NY)
As one of the hottest and most influential dance bands in the country, The Great Bear Trio continues to push the boundaries and set the standard for modern contra dance music. Multi-instrumentalist brothers Andrew and Noah VanNorstrand are ably accompanied by their mother Kim Yerton on piano. Their driving rhythm, epic dynamics and uniquely rocking style have given them a loyal following of all ages.

Whether they are being sweetly tuneful or bringing down the house with jazzy improv, you will find The Great Bear Trio making your feet move and your face smile. Over and over.

Contra Sutra (Seattle, WA)
Contra Sutra brings you lively international-flavored contra music with verve, vigor, and pizzazz! Contra Sutra is: "May all beings be free to dance to the most melodious and rhythmically funky Contra Sutra"–R.S.

Contra Sutra's centered on the Seattle Area which boasts a contra scene every bit as fine as the one along the Willammette. And they're much in demand there and at dance camps everywhere.


Bob Isaacs (New Brunswick, NJ)
Bob's a long time contra and square dance caller. We are very pleased to have him at the Corvallis Contra Weekend.

Here are some videos with Bob calling:

Frannie Marr (Southern CA)
Six years of calling have made Frannie a popular West Coast caller, calling regular dances from Southern California to the Bay Area, and special events/weekends throughout the Pacific Northwest and Southwest.

Frannie draws on her experience as a dance gypsy to call dances that people like. Her hallmark is quick walkthroughs, efficient calling, and letting the dance and music flow whenever possible. Whether it’s a crowd of enthusiastic beginners or hard core "dancing fools", Frannie’s calling delights with fun, flowy dances filled with a variety of moves. As one dancer explained, "She hardly ever calls a sucky dance!". Frannie can charm even the most difficult crowd ("Don’t make me use my kindergarten teacher voice on you!").


Alan Roberts (Seattle, WA)
Alan is a fiddle player (plays with Southwest Passage) and dancer in addition to being an excellent sound man. He is aware of the nuances that make us all happy, and is able to provide a great experience for the callers, band members and dancers.