Corvallis Contra Weekend Waltzing

The Sunday morning waltz music is provided by a pickup band of weekend dancers and community musicians with a variety of skill levels. Many of the tunes will be from popular waltz tune books. Booklets with the waltzes we'll likely play will be available Sunday morning or by arrangement with Bo Leyden prior to the Sunday morning.

Examples of waltzes we'll likely play

From Liz Caroll "Collected":

From Keith Murphy Some Mellifluous McQuillen Melodies (Bob's Notebooks 1 thru 12) From The Barnes Book of English Country Dance Tunes Vols. 1 & 2 (Peter Barnes) From The Reckless Reel and 101 Other Tunes all by Larry Unger From The Session From The Waltz Books I, II, III, IV (ed. Bill Matthiesen) From Throckmorton Cowperthwaite's "Collection of Predudimoidal Malodies from Martinique"